Alison's Arty Things

As well as producing 'Sheepy Things', Alison has exhibited her Textile Art in solo and group exhibitions, throughout the UK and throughout Europe.  Alison exhibited works in the 4th and 5th International Small Format Challenges, 'Freedoms' and 'Boredom' which began their  world tours at The Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham , then continued to Moscow, Prague and beyond.-

Alison is a member of the Eastern Region Textile Forum and exhibited at their Exhibition 'Concepts and Meanings at the Dragon Hall in Norwich.   You can find more information on this organisation on the ERTF website

Commissions are welcomed as are opportunities to exhibit.


This atmospheric textile/felted/
embellished hanging in 3 panels hanging from a wooden frame max size 100cm x 210cm x 75cm would look amazing displayed from a beam in a converted Barn. 

The concept of this hanging which moves gently in a breeze is:

'Are we ever actually alone?' Modern life is continually under surveillance by CCTV cameras in cities, but when I walk 

alone in the woods and I still feel that I am being watched, AM I?

For sale price £750

The Green Man 60 x 75 cm price £425

Prosperity built on the Backs of Sheep - SOLD

Tree of Wisdom 73 x 93 cm price £375

'Does it Matter if you can't see colour Ewe Tree' sold at the Does it Matter?
Charity exhibition , Gravelly Barn, Braughing

Tiny Landscape 5 x 5 cm woven & hand stitched -sold

Similar ones now available priced at £25

Life size sheep string, seen here at Denny Abbey price £300